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Thank you for showing interest into my journey, first and foremost.

I am a 28 y/o entrepreneur, born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Initially, I dreamed of being a musical artist. I even moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2016 aspiring a rap career. In the midst of that dream, I realized how AMAZING I was at cooking my favorite meals. I didn't have much at the time, and struggling trying to find my purpose in a big city became so hard. With so much practice and amazement at how good I actually was at cooking, I enrolled into culinary school that fall and pursued two semesters at Gwinnett Technical College in Northern Atlanta. My time in Atlanta was cut short due to the blessing of my son who is soon to be two, Graylin. When I got pregnant with Graylin, I moved home to be closer to family. I regret nothing, during and after the birth of my son, my business has multiplied and has become the highlight of my life, all because of him I believe. Luckily, by the Good Grace of God and the Mercy he has shown on me and my business, I was able to move back to Atlanta, finally, after 4 long years to pursue my dreams as a chef! After accomplishing so much on my second journey living in Atlanta, I was able to cook for celebrities, "go viral" multiple times, and secure bags from clients all around the country! With the success of my move I was able to purchase my second business venture, The Brunch Baddie Mobile Food Truck. I now live and service the Dallas FW and surrounding areas, and of course I still travel.

I am a perfectionist, I am a leader. I am a CREATIVE and I LOVE WHAT I DO!!

For years I worked to find out who I was, and its a blessing to please not only others, but myself, through food and through learning.

I strive to make every meal a reflection of my passion. Food for me is heaven in a drip, a spice, a taste. From the savory seasoning to the premium meat cuts, I love food for the texture, the depth, the warmth, the experience! Just Good Eats was never a plan, but a blessing, and now its like I'm fulfilling a dream! This is something I want everyone in the world to experience. I love all food and I want y'all to love all my food! This is only the beginning! I plan to eventually own a catering facility and a food truckI hope my story makes you hungrier, for success and FOOD!

Chef Genesis Bobo

August 2023


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